Friday, July 8, 2011

No you didn't!

Today was a day filled with many minor annoyances, but a huge mother-effin' annoyance happened during my lunch hour. I was driving on the highway back to work when suddenly I see a cop pull up behind me with his lights flashing. I look down at my speed and see that I have my cruise set at barely over 55 miles per hour, so I start thinking that something must be wrong with my car ...

Well, the Super Trooper comes up to my window and says "You late for something, ma'am?"

Me: Um, no. Why?

Super Trooper: You were going pretty fast?

Me: *shocked* I was??? How fast was I going? *thinking perhaps my speedometer is broken*

Super Trooper: How fast do you think you were going?

Me:  Couldn't have been more than 58 ...

Super Trooper: You were going 57.

Me: *super freakin' shocked and annoyed now* REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Super Trooper: You do know that the speed limit is only 55 here?

Me: *trying to contain frustration* Yes, I do.

So then, the Super Trooper goes back to his car to run my plates and probably play a game of Angry Birds ... Meanwhile, I am fuming. I seriously just got pulled over for going 2 mother-freakin' miles over the speed limit! COME ON!

The Super Trooper comes back ... "Ma'am I'm giving you a Traffic Safety Warning this time. Please slow down in the future."

Me: *trying not to rolls eyes* Yeah, thanks.

It took me 8 years to figure out why everyone around here drives 5 miles under the speed limit. Now I understand.

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