Monday, July 11, 2011

How Casey Anthony Ruined Facebook (for me)

Thanks to Casey Anthony, I can barely tolerate going on Facebook anymore. I thought the postings about "WTF is wrong with the justice system," "Those jurors are idiots," or the "If you wanna murder your kid and get away with it, move to Florida" posts would be over within 48 hours of the not guilty verdict. Holy shit, I was wrong!

They're just never-freakin'-ending.

I had no idea so many people on Facebook had their hearts wrapped up in this trial. People were so "shocked" with the verdict ... But why? Did anyone really pay attention to the trial? Did anyone see the prosecution's lack of evidence? Does anyone out there remember that it's not the defense's job to prove innocence, but the prosecution's burden to prove guilt?

Seriously, people.

Just because Casey Anthony had already been tried and convicted by the media, doesn't mean the same result will occur in a courtroom. Thankfully, the jurors reached their verdict based off of what was presented in the courtroom, rather than on Nancy Grace. And, if you ever have to face a jury of your peers, I'll bet you'll hope for the same thing.

Regardless of whether Casey Anthony was acquitted of murder in the eyes of the law, she was guilty 3 years ago in the eyes of the public. She will never lead a normal life. She will probably never lead a good life. She'll be doing porn in a couple of years. After that, she'll end up on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. Casey Anthony will be living in prison long after she's been released.

So, Facebook friends - Your posts about Casey Anthony irritated me so much that, instead of my usual checking of Facebook 50 times a day, I didn't go on at all yesterday and totally didn't know my BFF's son broke his damn leg .... Casey Anthony is ruining my means of communication with close friends and family and I simply can't take anymore of this!

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