Monday, June 6, 2011

A Wedding Story

So, the big news of the day is ... I'M MARRIED!

Are you shocked?

You should be. I was. I am. But, it's true. My relationship is now recognized legally. I got married on June 2!

Let me tell you the story. A couple weeks ago, I decided that it was indeed time to get married. Mason was super happy because he's been wanting to do it for years now. The plan was that we would get the marriage license and get married on the same day. We decided it would be Friday, May 27 since we both had the day off from work. So, at 8:30am we were at the Courthouse. As I was standing there paying $50 for the license I looked on the wall and saw this sign that said "Marriage ceremonies by a judge are $50." Um, excuse me? I had to pay $50 for the license and now an extra $50 for a judge to sign this thing. No. No freakin' thank you. Why would I pay to get married??? Someone should be paying me!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, we were now on to Plan B. Although, at the time, I had no idea what Plan B was, although I knew it would not involve me paying more money.

A couple days went by and I suggested to Mason that we should ask our next door neighbor to do it since she's a pastor. I was nervous about asking her, though. Since she's friends with God and all that, I figured she wouldn't be comfortable signing the certificate without a religious-type cermony. Although, I have heard her use the "F" word before as well as seen her wearing Budweiser shirts so I shoulda just chilled out. Anyway, I finally asked her last Thursday. I told her that in exchange for marrying us we would happily mow her lawn (since it is almost never mowed). She was totally cool with it. And, very happy to (finally) have a mowed lawn. She told me to come over after Mason got off work and she'd do it.


As soon as Mason got home, we went over. She brought us into the office in her home, but told us not to sit down because the chairs were covered in cat hair. And, when I say they were COVERED that's putting it lightly. I think she may be a Godly cat-hoarder. But, it's OK 'cause she married us.

Official Wedding Photo
Don't you love her Bon Jovi tee? Or the fact that Mason dressed up and I wore jeans?

Here's one of her cats that attended the ceremony ...

Photo with our wedding guest
It seriously turned out better than I expected. I'm not into white dresses, formal ceremonies, or dancing so a Chauncelot wedding with a Bon Jovi-lovin', cat-hoarding pastor was AWESOME and totally my style! Even if I do have to mow her lawn ... Right after we got married, we hurried off to our reception which consisted of fabulous McDonald's and several games of Redneck Bingo with the BFFs. Again, it was ... AWESOME. Our honeymoon? Oh yes. I went to Indiana with the BFF and Mason went to work. Do I even have to say it???? (AWESOME!)

So, there you have it. I'm a married woman. And, that's my wedding story.

You think there's any chance this will be featured on TLC????

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Jamie Fox said...

Congratulations! I've been with my gu nearly five years and I'm still scared to take that plunge! I wish you happiness :)