Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wax On/Wax Off

I have fallen prey to yet another dumb app game on my iPhone, Crazy Waxing. Basically ... you wax people. And, I think eventually, if you're really good you get a golden razor. That part I don't get though ... Why would you want to ever shave again after experiencing the joys of waxing?? Makes no sense whatsoever!

So far, I've only waxed this guy's beard, so I'm hoping that more people come to my salon and I can progress to waxing eyebrows, legs, lips, and my all-time favorite, arm pits!!! I probably have to actually buy the game though to wax anything super cool ... And, even for a fun waxing game, I refuse to spend money on it. We'll see!

FYI - Tomorrow's blog will be a must-read blog with big, big news so definitely tune in!

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