Monday, June 20, 2011


My Gram and Aunt have been in town visiting and, yesterday, as we were shopping, they spotted this oddly shaped tree trunk. It is eerily reminscent of someone I know!!!!! Um, that'd be Jesus! It's the mother-freakin' Jesus Tree. There was some debate about whether this tree was actually Jesus, a person praying, the Virgin Mary or perhaps an angel. But, I've concluded it is most definitely Jesus.

And, here's why. In my extensive Internet research on Jesus images, I've found that Jesus loves to raise his arms. See? This historical photo below shows an arms-raised-Jesus looking at an angel. Notice the head tilt backwards, which also correlates with the head tilt of the Jesus Tree.

Oh, here we go again with the arms raised, head tilt. Google Jesus. You will find hundreds, perhaps thousands of these historically accurate pictures.

Ok, now we have some close-ups of Jesus. These are important because they show Jesus with long, wavy hair. You'll notice that the shape of the tree above is depicting someone with long hair ... (hmmmmmmmm, Jesus perhaps???)

OMG! Scary picture of Jesus! But, even the freaky Jesus' have long, wavy hair. Again, google Jesus. He is never pictured with a buzz cut.

After my exhaustive research into Jesus, I think it is safe to say that, at the very least, the man loved to raise his arms, look at the sky and he definitely had long hair with a relaxed perm. That tree is Jesus and you freakin' know it.

(You can visit the Jesus Tree by going to Parkersburg, West Virginia. Parking at JoAnn Fabrics gives you an ideal viewing point. Enjoy.)

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