Saturday, May 7, 2011

Turkey Festival

This evening I attended my first Turkey Festival in a neighboring county. I have absolutely no idea why it's called the Turkey Festival as I didn't see any turkeys around. Although, one of the vendors was selling turkey legs ... Anyway, it was AWESOME. I ate a gyro, a funnel cake, a taco, another funnel cake, fried vegetables and a bucket of fries. I also consumed Summer Shandys, Blue Moons, and sampled a fruit punch flavored 4 Loco.


I have no pictures to share. Sadly, amidst all of our fun, I totally forgot to take any. (insert giganto sad face)

Ok, well, I am so freakin' tired right now I just can't even bear to type anything else. So, I shall end this post. G'night my friends. And remember - support your local Turkey Festival. We don't know why they exist, but God bless the turkeys that made these festivals possible. Merica!

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