Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I apologize for my absence, but my niece has been visiting and who wants to blog when you have way more important things to do!!!

Since I don't and won't get to see Elli very often (insert a very sad face), I decided that the few days I had with her would be spent doing all the things I find important in life ... I'm sure when she's 16 she'll remember all of this.

The first day she was in town we toured Chauncelot. All (almost) 9 month olds should have the opportunity to tour such a grand place. It makes them appreciate their parents a little more. It also makes them happy they don't live in Ohio. Elli definitely got the point.

The second day, we walked around the grounds of The Ridges, the old insane asylum. We also spent time in the adjoining cemeteries and marveled at all of the oddly numbered graves. We stole a few bricks too so that she would have a souvenir. I think Elli enjoyed spending time with dead people. What baby wouldn't?

The next day, we went to, what I consider to be, a very important event - The Moonshine Festival! The Moonshine Festival is a celebration of, yep you guessed it - Moonshine! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to do any taste-testing, but we did learn how to illegally manufacture it. I think her Dad may make some, so she'll get her tasting in due time I'm sure.

All in all, our Aunt/niece time was well spent. I mean, doesn't a baby's dream vacation consist of Chauncelot-touring, graveyards, and whiskey? The answer is of-freakin'-course!

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