Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dog Warden's A'Coming.

Do you all remember Lady Dog-Whipped? Well, lemme tell you something. I officially hate this woman ... and her little dog too!

Today, Lady Dog-Whipped and I had a confrontation. She decided to, once again, walk through my yard with her little ankle-biting rat dog. I was outside gardening and, of course, my dogs were out with me. Well, my dogs try to run up and smell her dog and when they do, she totally flips out, picks up her dog, and starts glaring at me. Then, she starts walking away from me and yells out, "I guess there ain't no damn leash laws in this place!" I start to laugh, but just ignore her. She continues walking and then yells, "Looks like somebody's gonna get the goddamn Dog Warden called on them!" So, I say, very nicely I might add, "Look, if you have something to say to me why don't you turn around and say it to my face." But, she never turns around, instead she just screams, "I SAID, I'M CALLING THE GODDAMN DOG WARDEN!"

Really, lady? Really. Stay the eff out of my yard and my dogs won't be a freakin' issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was going to retaliate, but then I started drinking a Summer Shandy and decided I'd just rather sit on my porch and wait for either the Dog Warden or the apocalypse/giant earthquake/end of times/rapture crap that's supposed to happen in, oh, 7 minutes or so. We'll see who or what I get a visit from first!

Happy End Of Times everyone!

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