Friday, April 8, 2011


For the past week or so my left ear has been giving me trouble. It started off feeling like I had a ton of water in my ear that wouldn't drain and then it turned into a dull ache and now this afternoon has completely plugged itself and I can no longer hear ... This evening, my right ear decided to do the same thing.

I literally can hardly hear right now.

Aside from the annoyance of people having to yell at me if they want me to hear them, my sudden onset of hearing loss due to massively plugged (or perhaps infected) ears has been quite peaceful. I have spent the evening in my garden in complete silence ... it's been lovely.

But, as nice as it has been not to hear Chauncelot chaos, I'm getting irritated because I just realized that it's going to be quite difficult for me to watch and hear the TV later on. And, we all know how very important the TV and my DVR'd shows are to me. So, I'm about to heat up some olive oil and pour it down my ears.

The hippies tell me this is a good remedy for ear problems.

Wish me luck that I may hear again!

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