Friday, April 22, 2011

Athens International Film Festival

I love freaky, artsy, international film fest week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight, my bud and I went to see Adult Fairy Tales which was comprised of 4 short movies. There were supposed to be 5 shorts, but they totally jipped us out of the 5th and without explanation! How freakin' dare they.

Anyway, allow me to summarize the shorts for you:

West Of The Moon - Basically, it's about a dude's dream. It reminded my bud of the movie Big Fish. I liked it.

Brookton Hollow - Um. Well. I think this dude is in love with a cow. The cow also seems to be a naked boy who only comes out at night, wearing nothing but a cowbell. The film ends with the cow turning into the naked boy and the naked boy and the dude run into the forest. (Sorry, I totally spoiled the movie for you.) The thing I liked best about this movie, though, were the credits that rolled at the end .... Here was the cast:

Naked Boy
Cow (Midge)

With a cast like that you know you're watching an awesome movie!!!

Clear Blue - I liked this movie the best. Basically, a 16 year old lifeguard falls in love with this 70 year old woman who swims in the pool everyday and can stay underwater forEVER. She turns out to be some kind of fish-thing who turns into a 16 year old girl underwater. It ends with the boy dying and the old lady jumping into the ocean. Sweet film.

Bird - I have no freakin' clue what this was about. A drunk dude has this bird that follows him around and then he tries to get it to fly. I don't know. Someone smarter than me needs to watch it and tell me what it means.

So far, I haven't seen anything that compares to the disturbing awesomeness that was Dogtooth at last year's film fest. But, with a week left, I'm determined to find it!

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