Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Blog A Day.

I'm not even going to apologize anymore for my blogging absence ... it's getting old even for me. So, all I will say is that during my time off I've done a lot of reflection on why I'm not blogging regularly and it really all comes down to lack of motivation. I had no problem with daily blogging when I was doing my Picture A Day series, because I had a set goal. So, here's my newest bloggy goal ...

I will be blogging every single day ... UNITL ... I move closer to my famdamily in the Northern Lands! So you may have me for a few months or for life - who knows?!

Alrighty, let me catch you up on my life over the past couple of months:

  • The weight loss competition is over. I lost 14 pounds total. YAY!!
  • I decided to let someone at Walmart wax my eyebrows and what a nightmare that was. I basically have one eyebrow that is about an inch shorter and differently shaped from the other one. Even Mason noticed it, so I knew it wasn't good.
  • I have allergies again! I haven't had allergy problems since I left the North and now they are back with a vengeance.
  • I am still watching hours of bad television. Pregnant In Heels just started on Bravo and I'm hooked!
  • I still don't like people, but I do think I hate people now more than I did a couple of months ago. And, I'm such a proud Auntie because my little niece Elli hates people too! Just look at her expression when someone gets too close ... It brings a tear to my eye!
  • Over the past week, the police have been at my neighbor's house on five different occasions. An ambulance has been at my other neighbor's house twice. I spotted Albert three times. And, I heard at least two screaming matches between different couples on my street. Ahhhhhhh, Spring-time in Chauncelot is the best!
Until tomorrow ...

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