Wednesday, February 16, 2011

T Minus 30

Less than a month left in the weight loss competition!

Sadly, I haven't lost what I should've lost by this point to really be a competitor in this thing, but I'm doing OK ... So far, I'm down 9 pounds.

Slow progress, to say the least!

I'm psyched, though, because my new heart rate monitor just came in the mail today. YAY! I got a Timex chest strap thingy and I'm hoping it works. The last monitor I tried liked to reset itself or not read my heart rate, so it pretty much sucked and I never knew if I was exercising in the right zone .... Hopefully, this one will be more accurate and keep me in check on whether I'm burning fat, just wasting my time, or about to die.

I really hope my heart appreciates the money I spent on this thing.

Anyway, I gotta go do a bunch of sit-stand up exercises to gauge my maximum heart rate, so I'm gonna keep this short ... Have a good night everyone :)

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