Friday, February 11, 2011

Pee Strainer

Mason thinks he has a kidney stone. So, instead of going to a doctor he's been peeing in a strainer all day to see if he captures it and then he's gonna go to the doctor .... Um. Ok. That makes sense.

Anyway ...

What I find highly irritating about this whole thing, is that of all the strainers he could have chosen, he chose my tea strainer ... the only one I have that fits perfectly in my cup.


It's now a pee strainer.

Mason told me he's going to wash it tonight so I can use it for my tea in the morning. Oh, gee thanks. Seriously, Mason ... How can I ever use that strainer again and actually enjoy a cup of tea, without thinking about the bloody urine that once passed through it in the hopes that a kidney stone would be caught????????

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