Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eye Can't See

I've had two experiences over the last week that have led me to a harsh realization - I need to see an eye doctor.

The first experience happened at Walmart. I was walking to the Lawn & Garden section to check out their clearance specials, when I spotted an 8 foot tall woman with green and white striped hair. As I got closer, though, I realized the giant, freaky woman was really a display of Ohio University Bobcat snuggies. Oops.

The second experience occurred sometime earlier in the week, but I didn't realize it until last night. I love the movie The Devil Wears Prada, so I was super excited when I saw it playing on Showtime. I DVR'd it of course! Last night, I was going to watch it before bed. As soon as I pressed play, though, I knew something was wrong ... two naked girls kissing before a fire? Um. I don't recall that being in the movie the last time I watched it!!?? Turns out I DVR'd The Devil Wears Nada. Errrrrrr .... Oops.

I'm scheduling an eye doctor appointment tomorrow.

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