Wednesday, February 16, 2011

T Minus 30

Less than a month left in the weight loss competition!

Sadly, I haven't lost what I should've lost by this point to really be a competitor in this thing, but I'm doing OK ... So far, I'm down 9 pounds.

Slow progress, to say the least!

I'm psyched, though, because my new heart rate monitor just came in the mail today. YAY! I got a Timex chest strap thingy and I'm hoping it works. The last monitor I tried liked to reset itself or not read my heart rate, so it pretty much sucked and I never knew if I was exercising in the right zone .... Hopefully, this one will be more accurate and keep me in check on whether I'm burning fat, just wasting my time, or about to die.

I really hope my heart appreciates the money I spent on this thing.

Anyway, I gotta go do a bunch of sit-stand up exercises to gauge my maximum heart rate, so I'm gonna keep this short ... Have a good night everyone :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Eye Can't See

I've had two experiences over the last week that have led me to a harsh realization - I need to see an eye doctor.

The first experience happened at Walmart. I was walking to the Lawn & Garden section to check out their clearance specials, when I spotted an 8 foot tall woman with green and white striped hair. As I got closer, though, I realized the giant, freaky woman was really a display of Ohio University Bobcat snuggies. Oops.

The second experience occurred sometime earlier in the week, but I didn't realize it until last night. I love the movie The Devil Wears Prada, so I was super excited when I saw it playing on Showtime. I DVR'd it of course! Last night, I was going to watch it before bed. As soon as I pressed play, though, I knew something was wrong ... two naked girls kissing before a fire? Um. I don't recall that being in the movie the last time I watched it!!?? Turns out I DVR'd The Devil Wears Nada. Errrrrrr .... Oops.

I'm scheduling an eye doctor appointment tomorrow.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Pee Strainer

Mason thinks he has a kidney stone. So, instead of going to a doctor he's been peeing in a strainer all day to see if he captures it and then he's gonna go to the doctor .... Um. Ok. That makes sense.

Anyway ...

What I find highly irritating about this whole thing, is that of all the strainers he could have chosen, he chose my tea strainer ... the only one I have that fits perfectly in my cup.


It's now a pee strainer.

Mason told me he's going to wash it tonight so I can use it for my tea in the morning. Oh, gee thanks. Seriously, Mason ... How can I ever use that strainer again and actually enjoy a cup of tea, without thinking about the bloody urine that once passed through it in the hopes that a kidney stone would be caught????????

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Fridge Thief

Mason found this note hanging in his work fridge today:

Whoever took the Diet Mt Dew
I now have a headache. Thank you!
Please return it tomorrow

Don't eff with a person's caffeine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Holy Crap

It's been like 2 weeks since I posted!!!! I am so terribly sorry for my unexpected absence. I don't really have any good excuses either ... I was just, well, lazy. (Sigh)

But, it won't happen again (at least for awhile).

Since I've been gone for so long, 12 days to be exact, I thought I'd fill you in on 12 pieces of exciting news that have happened to me over the past few weeks. Oh, yeah. Who am I kidding? I have no exciting news! So, instead I'll just update you on 12 boring things that have occurred over my long absence.


I discovered my love of the bean. These little buggers are awesome! I literally eat these things straight out of the can. Sometimes for breakfast. Sometimes as a midnight snack. Actually, I'm eating them as I write this post. They are soooooooooo good!

2. United States of Tara Seasons 1 & 2

I found another favorite TV show! Who knew Multiple Personality Disorder could be funny???!!!

3. iPod Blues

I realized I'm sick of every single song on my iPod and desperately need some new musical suggestions ... And, don't suggest Bruno Mars because I hate him and I hate that song of his that's played on the radio like every 5 minutes.

4. Work from Home

Over the past couple weeks, I've realized my dreams of working at home are looking dimmer by the minute. (Sobbing heavily ...)

5. Step Aerobics Instructor

I don't like my Step Aerobics teacher. I came to that realization today, when she instructed the class to do this really weird abdominal workout, that basically looks like you're humping air when you do it. Ahhhh, yeah. I'd rather have flabby abs than do that move!

6. Cardiovascular Improvements

My endurance levels have drastically increased! I no longer feel like I'm at the brink of death during my workouts ... YAY ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

7. Tabatha

I love that Tabatha chick from the Salon Takeover show on Bravo. Her black outfits and bleach blond hair have me hooked!

8. Teeth

I think I discovered a cavity. I guess after 5 years of not going to the dentist, a trip may be in my near future. Boooooo

9. Mark of the Beast

Something really strange has been happening. The past two mornings, I wake up with a burning sensation in my left thumb and I have 3 splinters embedded in there that I need to pick out. It's totally bizarre and freaky. I have no idea how I'm getting these splinters in my sleep either. I think it's the mark of the beast ... I believe I'm doomed. Wish me luck on this one!

10. Dreams

Sadly, I've been having dreams where dogs are being shot with arrows. I can never find the arrow shooter though and I can never save the dogs. What does this mean?????? Pretty certain these dreams are somehow correlated with my mark of the beast affliction.

11. Apple Cider Vinegar and Rosemary

I'm rinsing my hair with an Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and fresh Rosemary concoction. I read somewhere that Rosemary is supposed to reverse or prevent gray hair and since I already use ACV on my hair I figured why not throw some Rosemary sprigs in there as well! So far ... no grays ... but I didn't have any before I started using the Rosemary concoction either, so who really knows? When I'm 80 and still have natural brown hair we can all conclude that my experiment worked!

12. Loss

I've lost 8.6 pounds so far for my weight loss competition!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!