Monday, January 10, 2011

Take It Off!

So, I'm very happy to report that my first week in the weight loss competition has gone well. I've lost 2.6 pounds.

Yeah, baby!!!!!!!!!!

And, that's despite my 2,000+ calorie binge on pizza and beer Saturday night.


I've been doing really well. The first two days were rough, though. Really rough. I thought my stomach was eating my entire body because I was sooooo hungry. But, I'm good now. I guess my body just had to adjust to eating 1400 calories per day versus the 10,000 it was used to.

I've also been doing excellent at working out. I got some free passes to a local gym and one of my friends convinced me to do a spin class with her. GREAT WORKOUT. (Although, my butt was severely bruised from sitting on that tiny and hard bike seat for 60 minutes at a time.) Today, I did a step aerobics class ... Ummm ... fairly certain I was almost at a point of death about 30 minutes into it. However, I suffered persevered through it and that too was a great, albeit killer, workout!

I've found that, for me, the best time to exercise is early in the morning. If I can get my workout for the day in by 7:30am, I'm golden. If I wait to do it until after work, I almost always talk myself out of it!

Anyway ... it's all good in the hood. Let's hope my second week is just as successful!

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