Monday, December 13, 2010

Bad Science

That is supposed to be a sun.

Can't you tell?

Ok, so I know it's the worst looking freakin' sun out there, but I did not have the patience to make a realistic looking sun that's 30 inches in diameter!!!! So, instead, I used my yoga ball wrapped it in 4 rolls of bubble wrap, wrapped two blankets around that and then finished it off with a yellow rain coat.

After seeing my creation, I think the kid regrets asking me to help him with his physics project. (I can't imagine why.)

But, maybe ...

He'll never ask for my help again!

Or, if he does, I'll just remind him of the awesome sun I once created that totally didn't embarass him at all.


Yes, I'm mean. And, no, I don't care.

(FYI - Don't ever pick the "easy" project of doing a scale model of the solar system, because it's hard and sucks ass.)

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