Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trick O' Chauncelot-Treat!

Tonight was trick or treating night in Chauncelot ... Weird, right? In Minnesota we always went trick or treating ON HALLOWEEN!! Doesn't really matter, though, because a Chauncelot Halloween is always entertaining no matter when it occurs!

Check out Albert above. He actually had a Halloween costume this year!! Normally, he just dresses up as Albert, so I'm kinda thinking he stole the costume from someone else. He was very polite, said thank you, and even said, "Happy How-ween. Eat da candy."


At one point, Mason and I were looking at the people coming and Mason said, "Look that kid's wearing his Dad's coal mining outfit." Then we looked closer ... "Oh, wait. That is Dad."


Full-grown freakin' man out trick or treating. Dude, you're a loser. (I gave him the barfy banana-flavored Laffy Taffy.)

Even Naschair made it out for the festivities!!!!! We don't know exactly what she was doing, but she kept riding up and down the street, while her freakishly tall boyfriend walked beside her.

Unfortunately, I didn't capture all of the Chauncelot dysfunction on camera - like the trick or treating newborns or the prostitutes mothers dressed up like sexy bunnies, french maids, and one in a freaky bondage costume - but, nevertheless, my memories of it are priceless!

I love Chauncelot!


Lisa Sells said...

Your blogs crack me up, Danielle! Love your humor!

Danielle said...

Hi Lisa! I hope you're starting to feel better!!