Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ol' Albert ... And His Sister

(I can't believe it's been over two months since my last Albert post!)

This evening, I was outside filling the bird feeders when Albert walked through my yard. Of course, my dogs jumped all over him and started to follow him home. I was yelling at Madge and Hilde to stay in the yard, but they weren't listening; all they could think about was the "cohn dawgs" Albert fed them the last time. So, instead of trying to kidnap my dogs like usual, Albert stops, turns around, and yells:

You dawgs need to listen to yo' Momma. She say go home. She da boss.


*sniffle* *sniffle*

I literally had to wipe away a tear. It was one of my first encounters with Albert where I didn't have terrible thoughts of strangling him, or feel like screaming obscenities, or want to claw my eyes out just to release the pent up frustration he brings on.

It was sweet ...

and it really freaks me out, because it's soooooooo not like Albert to actually be helpful.

Either he's maturing, gaining a conscience, or is on some good meds. I can't decide which.

Anyway, shortly after this, Albert's little 3 year old sister comes wobbling over screaming and pointing at Madge:

Dat cow. Dat a cow. Me pet cow. Me like cow-cow.

Ahhhhh. WTF.

She's not a cow. She's a chubby, black and white dog.

No. She cow-cow.

Ooooookkkkkkaaaaayyyyyy. Can someone get this kid a picture book please?

Luckily, after Albert's sister started calling Madge a cow, both dogs followed me without any trouble back to the house. I think the wobbly, screaming girl totally freaked them out. I'm just hoping that Albert and his family don't really think Madge is a cow, because if I find her missing one day and then see them eating hamburgers, I'm gonna throw a fit.

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