Sunday, October 24, 2010

Long Distance Relationships ...

are hard.

Even harder, when your loved one falls asleep during your Skype session!

Basically, I'm forcing my niece and my sister to Skype weekly with me. Since I live so far away, I'm really worried that E won't know me. I don't want to be the scary Aunt from Ohio! I'm the cool one, remember? So, until I can move closer, Skype will have to do!

But, E is over it. She gets bored and then falls asleep.

Then, she poops her pants and sleeps some more ...

Dang girl! Sleep at night, stay awake for Auntie!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

1 comment:

Copasetic Criminologist said...

So cute. Skype with me and Sabine. She'll talk all night.