Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Samhain!

It's Samhain and I couldn't be happier! I hope you all have something nefarious planned for the day ... Me? I will be doing wickedly fun things like cutting back my garden, making chili, watching the Vikes, and later, satisfying my thirst for blood with a little Dexter. My friend Stephanie and I engaged in all sorts of evil activities last night, so I'm using Samhain as my day to rest and restore!

Last night, Steph and I hung out with our buds JT and TT. JT made us all sorts of wonderful whore-day-overs hor d'oeuvres and I wanted to share with you one of his recipes, perfect for your Samhain get-togethers ...

JT's Samhain Snausages

What you will need:
Can of Vienna sausages
Can of Easy Cheese
A straw

First, take the straw and poke a hole through each sausage.

Then, suck out the sausage center, but I would suggest keeping this part of the recipe to yourself ... might gross your guests out to know you were sucking on their sausages. (Muhahahahaha!)

Next, fill with Easy Cheese.

And, there you have it. Your snausage-fest is complete! I recommend digging in quickly before you start thinking about what you're eating and totally gross yourself out!!

A wickedly wrong and yet disgustingly delightful Samhain treat.

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