Saturday, October 9, 2010

Caroline! ... Roses really smell like poo-poo-poo

Mason's latest gift to me was poo-pourri.



Not sure how I feel about that. He swears that he's not trying to send me a message. He says that he just saw it and thought it was really funny.


Looks like somebody betta recognize that my sh*t don't stank!

Anyway, this sh*t actually works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Mason tried it, not me.) It literally masks everything and doesn't leave the air smelling like a horrid mixture of poo and roses like other air fresheners do.

Just spray poo-pourri in the toilet bowl water ... and go. Literally.

I can tell ya right now that someone I work with is going to be getting an anonymous gift from me very soon, 'cause  I'm getting really tired of vomiting in my mouth everyday after, what I call, "the horror" occurs.

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