Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aw yeah! Gimme more ...

Silly Bandz!!!!!!!!!

Don't know what they are? Well, they are the new fad/rage/obsession amongst pre-tweens, tweens, and teens. They are rubber bands that come in different shapes (dinosaurs, animals, hearts, etc.) and you wear them like bracelets.

I coulda cared less about them, until today that is, when I saw ..... ZODIAC-shaped Silly Bandz! Oh. My. Gawd.

I totally had to get me som'a that.

The extent of my obsession didn't really set in, though, until later in the day when I found myself envious of a 9 year old girl with .... get this .... *gulp* .... SILLY BANDZ rings on!!!!!!!!!!!

I want me som'a that.

Ok, well I'm off to stare at myself and see how beautiful I look with Silly Bandz on. I also need to finish my letter to Silly Bandz, LLC where I am pleading with them to do a line of rubber bands in the shapes of The Jersey Shore castmates.

Awwww, yeah! (I'm fist-pumping just thinking about it!)


Kelly said...

I would so purchase Jersey Shore silly bandz!

Tiffany said...