Friday, August 20, 2010

Bad, Bad Things (APAD)

The 333rd picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

That, my friends, is the troll of Walmart - so named because she resembles one. She appears at Walmart on Friday evenings and I would suggest avoiding her at all costs!

She is mean, evil, and worst of all she thinks she's entitled! People who feel they are entitled - that the world owes them everything and anything - are awful, awful human beings.

Basically, Troll bought about $500 worth of groceries, waited until the cashier had scanned and bagged every single item, before saying:

Wait. Did you get the 15 cent off coupon on the Ziplock bags?

The cashier says:


Troll takes a break from her cell call to say:

All you had to do was rip it off!

Now, Troll has to look through all of her 120 bags to find the 15 cent off coupon on the Ziplocks.

Mother. Effer.

After about 10 minutes of bag-digging, Troll finds the stupid 15 cent off coupon. Woohoo, Troll lady! You saved a whole 15 friggin' cents. Then, Troll says:

Can you please call someone and tell them to help me put these groceries in my car?

Really? No, really? Are you serious, Troll?

Yes, she's serious.

So, we all have to wait in line behind her until they can find some poor Walmart employee to wheel her stupid cart out to her stupid car and put her stupid groceries in it.


After she left, the cashier says to me:

That woman makes me wanna do bad things.

Amen, cashier girl! Me too!

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