Sunday, August 22, 2010

30 Days And Counting ... (APAD)

The 335th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

I'm not sure if you all realize this, buuuuttttt I have 30 days left until I hit the year mark with my "picture a day" series! YAY! I can't quite figure out what comes next, though ... Do I just continue blogging "a picture a day?" Do I stop? No, no I can't do that. I love blogging! Hmmmmmmm. Do I do something different? I don't know, but I have 30 days to figure it out and would welcome any and all suggestions! By the way - If you're not already, you should really become a fan of Life in Chauncelot on Facebook!

Ok. Now, on to other things ...

I went to the Dollar Store today and picked up some wine goblets and glasses. I buy all of my glassware there. Their glasses are good quality, they look nice, and they're ... only $1! You can't beat it. And, who really cares when one of them breaks, because they're ... only $1!

I dearly love the Dollar Store.

After the Dollar Store, I came home and cooked up some cornish game hens. Small, cute, and delectable. Yummmmmmm. Though, the one thing missing from my delightful dinner was a Margarita.

I've been craving Margarita's lately, but I don't like buying them at bars or restaurants because they're expensive and I don't really like any of the store-bought mixes so I've been outta luck in the Margarita department.

However, my Mom must've known her favorite daughter was in desperate need of a Margarita fix, because she called me this evening just to give me her recipe for slushy Margarita's ... And, her recipe is the best around!

Thanks, Mama. I love you.

So, if you need a Margarita fix, like me, you should definitely make this recipe. It makes a lot, so you can always have some handy when the cravings kick in :)

Slushy Margarita Mix:

4 - 12 oz cans of concentrated frozen lemonade
1 - 12 oz can of concentrated frozen limeade
2 - cups of sugar
8 - cups of water
1 - 12 oz bottle of Rose's Lime Juice (optional, but recommended!)
3 1/2 - cups of tequila

Put sugar and 4 cups of water in a pot on the stove. Bring it to a boil so the sugar can dissolve. Cool. Then mix everything together and freeze. The tequila will keep it nice and slushy for you.

If you're more of an "on the rocks" type of person, you can just add a little pop (7-up, Sprite, Sierra Mist) to your glass everytime you pour yourself a drink, which ends up being a perfect combination of slush and liquid.

*** THE END ***

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