Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Old Gods/The New Gods (APAD)

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I don't know if you pay attention to the right hand column of my blog which lists what I'm currently reading, but I think I've been reading American Gods for about six months now! I have this really bad habit of starting a book and then becoming distracted by another book and then another after that and then when I finally really start reading what I originally set out to read several months have passed. Sigh. So, no I really haven't been reading American Gods for six months or however long I've had it displayed on my blog. I've actually only been reading it for about two weeks and just finished it today.

I loved this book. No ... I LOVED this book! Probably one of the strangest, most complicated books I've ever read, but dang it was some good sheeeet! If you're into Gods, mythology, myths, legends, the supernatural, fantasy, mysteries, coin tricks or just like a good book then you should definitely read this. And, even if you don't like any of that stuff, you should still read it, because it's an amazing, imaginative, and creative story - and I can guarantee you that even if you think you know what it's gonna be like, you don't. You have no freakin' clue.

Anyway, my BFF Stephanie doesn't know it yet, but I'm giving American Gods to her to read next. Soooooo, if anyone is interested in reading it after Steph, lemme know.

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