Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet Naschair (APAD)

The 259th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

Meet my newest Chauncelot character, Naschair. I named her this, because this old lady hauls balls on her motorized wheelchair! At first, I hated her ... She drives down the middle of the road in that thing, which is really annoying because it can't go more than like 2 miles an hour. Soon, however, I began to appreciate her serious wheelchair skillz.

Today, as I was on the way to the post office, I got stuck behind Naschair. The route I was taking has a hill that you have to go down, not a big one, but if you're on a wheelchair you're definitely gonna pick up some speed. I thought it was gonna take 5 hours to get the post office with Naschair in front of me. Let me tell you, though, this old lady has no fear! She musta pushed the power on high, because she flew down that hill. It scared the bajeezus outta me! She was going so fast I thought she was gonna flip the chair and plant her face right in the concrete. I was dreading all of the blood and probably loose eyeballs that woulda gone along with that accident!

She made it, though.

I captured this picture of her just after I pulled into the post office. I had to take a couple of moments to calm down from Naschair's amazing race ... Makes me want my own motorized wheelchair!

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