Friday, June 11, 2010

Albert News (APAD)

The 263rd picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

That is Albert and his brother. Check out the cool tricycle-thingy Albert is on! Well, it used to be a trike until he cut it in half and attached that long, rusty metal pole to it!

It's actually really cool, but the one problem, that Albert didn't think through, is that the seat is so far back that unless you have Gumby legs there is no possible way that you can sit and pedal. So, until Albert figures out how to attach another seat closer to the pedals he is forced to either stand and pedal or worse sit on the pole and pedal!! OUCHERS!

I took this picture of Albert about 10 minutes after my next door neighbor knocked on my door and asked me to keep an eye on her house while they are on vacation.

This is what she said:

Neighbor: Sorry, to bother you, but can you call me if you see Albert or any of his brothers or sisters swimming in our pool this week.

Me: Oh sure, are you having problems?

Neighbor: Well, we're going on vacation and Albert has been breaking through our privacy fence and taking his weekly bath in our pool.

Me: Oh, ok. Yeah I'll watch out ...

Neighbor: Hopefully it won't happen again. My husband is putting a large chain and lock around the gate and we don't think he can break through so ....

Me: Ok, well I'll call you if I see anything.

Poor, poor Albert. I suspect that despite the large chain and lock Albert will find a way (like climb the fence!) to get in that pool. Just look at that trike! He's one creative little feller!

I'm more curious to see what happens when I call and tell her that Albert's in the pool. What is she going to do from several states away? She probably has her whole backyard booby trapped and once she gets the word that he's in there she'll send a five digit code via text to some transmitter buried in her yard that will then set off a string of horrific events that will force Albert from her yard screaming from pain and sheer terror.

I probably shoulda just told her that all you have to do is yell at him and he'll bring you a bouquet of "I'm sorry" dandelions and then months will go by where you never see or hear from him ... ... but then I woulda missed out on the possibility of booby-trapped mayhem and chaos and what fun would that be???????

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Tiffany said...

Does Albert have a parent????