Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Act of God (APAD)

The 267th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

That's my rendition of the 62-foot Jesus statue that, until last night, stood in Butler County, Ohio ... The news story is here and the real picture is below.

Apparently, a lightning bolt and fireball hit poor, gigantic Jesus and totally obliterated him.

Until my bud Sheri shared this sad news with me, I had no idea such a huge Jesus existed. It's been a depressing day knowing that I will never have my picture taken next to Big J.

Personally, I think Jesus destroyed his own statue because he was pissed that they made him look like Zeus. Or ... wait ... maybe Zeus was pissed that they were calling that statue Jesus.



Now that's some food for thought isn't it???


Tiffany said...

why do you think jesus is pronounced heyzeus in spanish? :)

Danielle said...

They know the truth that's why.