Thursday, May 27, 2010

Un-Sex-y And The City (APAD)

The 248th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

I am a huge fan of the Sex And The City (SATC) series. I was devoted and addicted to the show and absolutely loved it. When the first SATC movie came out I was scared. Why? Because the show was so freakin' good. I was worried that the movie would ruin it's fabulousity. It didn't though. I really loved the first movie. It was like an extension of the show and it tied up all the loose ends that the series hadn't.

When I heard about the second movie I was even more panicked. Unless you're talking about the Godfather 2 or even The Empire Strikes Back, sequels are never good. Trilogies are even worse. I was terrified that the sequel would be an insult to such a great show ...

I was right.

I didn't like it.

I was terribly disappointed.

Unlike the first movie, this one felt forced. No longer was I watching funny, fabulous, chic and witty women, but instead I was watching women that seemed outdated, boring, and dare I say it, old.

Within the series and even in the first movie, the humor was real, biting, sarcastic and witty, in this movie it was just forced and dumb. I didn't laugh once. Not even at Samantha! And, if you're a die hard SATC fan, then you know she's crude and hilarious.

The movie was cheesy. The whole song and dance scene in the middle of it was just dumb. Even the fashion was horrible. SATC is known for it's chic, albeit sometimes bizarre sense of style, but in this movie it was awful. Samantha's red dress with the weird silver shoulder thingys was just so wrong.




I can only hope that there will not be a third movie. That would just be a punishment to it's loyal fans. Let SATC rest in peace. It had a fabulous life - 6 seasons and a good movie (I'm gonna pretend like the second one never happened).

Now, just let it be.

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