Monday, May 17, 2010

Silly Willy (APAD)

The 238th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

Mason is a sucker for marketing gimmicks. If he didn't believe that I would kill him, we would probably own everything from the Sham Wow, to the Hanger Cascader, to the Zorbeez, to the Plater Grater by now.

Mason also loves sales. If something is on sale he feels the need to buy it in multiple. According to Mason, this saves us money. Ah, yeahhhh, sure it does. That's why we have two gigantic jars of pickled eggs in the cupboard that no one will ever eat! I'm so glad we "saved" money on those.

That's how I got the lightening bug gummy candy. Not only do the bugs really light up, but they were also on sale!! How could Mason possibly pass that up? Yeah, he couldn't. Once again, the marketing geniuses reeled him in. Now, I have a bag full of nasty candy and a tweezer-thingy that lights up. Yay me!

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