Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh Mary Jane ... (APAD)

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The issue of legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes has finally come to Ohio. A bill has been introduced in the Ohio House that would legalize pot for "registered qualifying patients." I doubt it will be passed ... Ohio won't even allow casinos to penetrate our conservative state, so I can't imagine the evils of the marijuana smoke will enter anytime soon.

I'm all for the legalization of pot. Look, I'm not a stoner. I don't smoke pot now and wouldn't even if it was legal. I just hate that we criminalize it. On a daily basis, I see the destruction that drugs cause in people's lives and, I'm sorry, pot is not one of them. If you compare a hardcore stoner with a hardcore heroin addict, you will find there really is no comparison. Pot simply does not damage lives like other drugs do. And, no one will ever be able to convince me otherwise. Although, watching Reefer Madness almost had me believing pot was evil ...If you haven't seen it, you really have to. It's awesome beyond awesome and even if you don't want to watch the whole hour just watch the foreward to the film. It's enough to having you laughing hysterically. You can watch it here.

Anyway, I'll get off my soap box.

The whole reason I'm even writing this post is because as I was reading the article about the big pot debate in our local paper, I almost died laughing when I saw what our Sheriff thinks about marijuana:

"When asked if he thought marijuana was a problem in Athens County, Kelly said his main problem with marijuana is that it's illegal."

Hahahahahahaha ...

... Hahahahahaha

Hahahahahaha ...

I wonder if that came out like he meant it to? Either way, Sheriff, I agree. The biggest problem with pot IS that it's illegal. Oh - and because of that quote I actually like you a little bit.

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Angie said...

so, this post has SOOO Much more meaning after today! :) BTW You Rock! Some of the Sh$@ we have to deal with is just unreal! Too bad you can't blog about all that! Thanks for always being so AWESOME at work!