Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Albert is back. (APAD)

The 204th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

*(If you don't know who Albert is, you can read about him here and here.)*


After I got home from work today, I took the dogs outside and they were running around playing while I chatted on the phone with Tiffany. There were a bunch of kids playing in a yard across the alley from me and I noticed that a couple of them, Albert being one, had come over into my yard and were petting the dogs. I really wasn't paying that much attention, though, because I was trying to talk to Tiffany and tell her something that required a lot of concentration ... Ok, well, not really. I just wasn't paying attention. So, anyway, then I look out in the yard and see Albert and a girl, who I think is his younger sister, walking my dogs away on leashes!!!!!! WTH! I say to Tiffany, "Let me call you back." And, then yell "Hey, what are you doing?" to Albert and this girl. They look back at me, but just keep walking. So, now I'm power walking to try and catch up with the dog-nappers. I find them in somebody's yard and Albert is feeding Madge and Hilde corn dogs. WTH!!

So, here's my conversation with Albert:

Me: "Um, why did you take my dogs."

Albert: "Cause they wanted to goes with me."

Me: "I don't care, Albert. You can't just take my dogs. You're not allowed over anymore."

Albert: "But I gives them a cohn dawg."

Me: "I don't care."

Albert: "Sowwy."


So, I take Madge and Hilde back home. Call Tiffany and finish my conversation. We go inside. I make dinner, eat, clean up, and take the dogs back outside. And then, I see the bouquet. A bouquet of three little dandelions left on my back porch.


Although they were left anonymously, I suspect they were left by Albert. I mean, who else would pick a bouquet of weeds for me?


Now I feel really bad that I banned him from my yard, especially since my yard was the last one in all of Chauncelot he hadn't been banned from.


Albert made my icy heart melt just a little. And, of course, I'm lifting the damn ban.


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