Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Town of Intercourse (APAD)

The 190th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

You know you're from Pennsylvania if ...

you can talk about Intercourse, PA without laughing.

You know you're a mature adult if ...

you can talk about Intercourse, PA without laughing.

Obviously, I'm neither because when I read about the fabulous jam they sell up in Intercourse I laughed. Yeah, yeah, I know. I never claimed to be mature, OK!

The brief blurb on Intercourse did make me wonder what other bizarrely-named towns are out there. I found a huge list here, but narrowed it down to, what I believe, are the weirdest and funniest ones:

Dickshooter, Idaho - A town run by women.

Horneytown, North Carolina - An over-viagra-ed population, perhaps?

Big Beaver, Pennsylvania - I have a mental image of this place and it's not good.

New Erection, Virginia - Well, at least it's not an Old Erection.

Fidelity, Missouri - I'd rather live in Horneytown. Sounds more fun.

Hooker Hole, Louisiana - How can prostitution be illegal in a place like this?

Butts, Georgia - I like it. Short, simple, and to the point.

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Angie said...

I always enjoyed seeing "Climax NC" Sign on my way to Myrtle Beach every year!