Monday, March 29, 2010

Surprise In The Middle! (APAD)

The 189th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

This afternoon, I was happily enjoying my Sour Blow Pop, when I felt something weird rubbing against the roof of my mouth. I paused, looked at the sucker and saw this black thing stuck to it. I pulled it out, but only got about half of it. The rest of it remained encased in the blow pop. Yes, folks. It was unmistakably a motherfreakin' hair. The first hair I have ever found in a sucker ... and I sucked on it! YUCK.

After carefully analyzing the hair, I believe it came from an older male. Why? Well, the hair was relatively short, even with half of it still stuck in my sucker. It was coarse. And, half of it was black and half a dark grey color. I suppose it could be a woman, but my gut feeling says its a guy who decided not to wear his hair net. My imagination also leads me to think that the guy was soaked in sweat when a piece of his sweaty hair landed, along with several sweat drips, in the sucker destined to be mine. Oh God, how gross. And, I sucked on this guy's hair for about 30 seconds before I realized something was wrong.

Now I am forever bonded to the sweaty, older male who works in the Blow Pop factory.

(By the way, this experience did not deter me from Blow Pops. In fact, after my discovery of the hair, I threw that sucker away and started on another one that, thankfully, was hairless.)

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Tiffany said...

i hope it's not a pube....