Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bullets on Blogger (APAD)

The 174th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

I just discovered the code to use bullet points in my post! I don't really understand why Blogger doesn't already offer it as an option when you're editing/formatting posts, but they don't. Weirdos.

Who knew something so small could make me so happy?!

So, here's my post in 4 bullet points:

  • Today, I am alive.

  • Last night, I dreamt I cut off all my fingers with a sawzall. Which is really quite perplexing, because after I cut off all the fingers on one hand, how did I hold it to cut off the fingers on the other hand???

  • If I hear the song Fireflies by Owl City one more time, I'm going to put a bullet point in my head.

  • Springing forward is wrong, unjust, and designed to make us suffer.

    Tiffany said...

    umm....I don't see any bullet points. :(

    And if I hear Fireflies one more time, I'm going to find the singer and cut his tongue out with a sawzall.

    Danielle said...

    They are there. I wonder why you can't see them?

    Tiffany said...

    i see them now! i wasn't wearing my bullet seeing glasses.