Saturday, March 27, 2010

Beer, Fight, Goodnight (APAD)

The 187th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

Our BFF's had us over for a lovely dinner of beer braised chicken and potatoes. I liked it. So did Mason. The BFF's, however, not so much. Thus, the recipe received a rating of a big giant X and a Boo!.

Afterwards, we headed back to our house to watch the big UFC fight ... GSP vs. Dan Hardy!!!!!! Actually we're still watching and waiting for the big fight. And, I have to say that I'm incredibly disappointed so far. The fights have been so friggin' boring, that I jammed toothpicks in my eyelids to hold them open. Where's the open wounds, blood, and tap outs?? Is that too much to ask for?? It's getting to a point that I may call it a night before I see my boys fight. So sad. This may be premature, but right now I'm rating UFC 111 with a big giant X and a Boo!!!!!

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Tiffany said...

rookie watcher. lol