Monday, February 22, 2010

Thoughtless ?? (APAD)

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How important is a card?

See, I'm in a bit of a predicament. Well, not really. I'm just super lazy and my laziness has caused a mini-crisis for me. Basically, I need to mail a birthday card and I keep forgetting to go and buy one. I've been intending to get one for about two weeks now and I always seem to forget when I'm at the store. I could go to the store and get one now, but again I'm lazy and don't want to go anywhere. I'm at home and in my comfy pants, people! I could just go get one tomorrow, but I know I'll forget again. I could make a card, but I'm out of paper for the printer. I also don't have any construction paper to construct one with.

What's a lazy girl to do?

My thought is that I'll use one of the free cards The Humane Society sent me a few months ago. They totally remind me of cards you would find at the dollar store, though. Why do cheap cards always have to have a teddy bear on them?? And, none of them are birthday-themed cards. One is for the 4th of July. Like, WTF! Who sends 4th of July cards anyway? So, I thought I would just cross out the "Get Well Soon" and write in "Happy Birthday." After I did it, I realized it looked dumb. Then, I colored it in and created a heart. Still dumb, but a little better.

Is this offensive or funny? Is it less offensive if there's money in it? What about the nice, thoughtful message I've written inside? Does that make it better? I personally would not mind getting this card in the mail. In fact, I'd probably blog about the lazy person that sent it to me.

So, I come back to my initial question: How important is a card?


Tiffany said...

Nobody gives a shit about the card.

Cards are like people.

It's what's on the inside that counts. :)

Danielle said...

My thoughts exactly.

Danielle said...

Well unless that person is super fugly ... then the outside is hard to get over!

Brittany said...

Is this going to be my belated birthday card?

Tiffany said...

chances are, if they're super fugly on the outside they are on the inside too. Need examples? Watch Jerry Springer.