Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best Dog Toy (APAD)

The 106th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

My dogs destroy pretty much any toy I buy them, which is why I've resorted to buying all of their toys at the dollar store. So, when Mason bought them two toy ducks for Christmas, that cost $6.99 each, I was a little irritated. That might not sound like much money, but it is when they rip up their toys within 5 minutes of getting them. But, I have to say, that these ducks are the best dog toys we've ever bought them. And, as you see, they are still intact nearly two weeks later!

The ducks make duck sounds. They're not just the little irritating squeaky toys that make squeaky sounds, they have a much more irritating and long, drawn out duck sound. And, I think it's the duck sound that have led Madge and Hilde to believe that these toys are actual animals. That's the only reason I can think of that there are not poor duck body parts strewn around my house right now. Granted, one of the ducks is missing an eye, but that's it! Nothing else has been ripped off. Madge even sleeps with her duck and Hilde brings her duck just about everywhere she goes. (I hope these toys aren't making my dogs more mentally ill then they already are ...)

Anyway, I love these dog toys ... they have held up better than any toy we've ever had. And, I would highly recommend purchasing them. We got ours at Tractor Supply Company.

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