Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lady Dog-Whipped (APAD)

The 122nd picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

And, now for the finale.

I call this woman, Lady Dog-Whipped, because it appears her dog controls her life. Basically, this woman's 2-pound dog takes her on a walk at exactly 12:17pm (during my lunch break) and 4:43pm (when I get home from work) every day. Lady Dog-Whipped follows her dog anywhere and everywhere she decides to go. That means if doggie wants to go from the alley all the way up to my back porch, torturing my dogs, that's fine. That's where they go. Sure, Lady Dog-Whipped will say things like, "Oh Moopsie, you know we can't go through other people's yards" or "No, Moopsie this way," but never once does Lady Dog-Whipped do what most dog owners do, which is to simply grab a hold of the leash and walk in the other direction. Instead, Lady Dog-Whipped is led throughout the yards of Chauncelot by her little ankle-biter.

The picture above was captured as Moopsie decided to stop and stare at Madgie ... And, if Moopsie doesn't move, then neither does Lady Dog-Whipped. Of course, shortly after this picture, Moopsie stopped the stare down and continued on through our yard. The bright side about having a neighbor like Lady Dog-Whipped, is that my dogs are learning some serious self-control for which they are rewarded with goodies like dog biscuits, Pupperoni, and their all-time favorite ... pig ears!


Tiffany said...

First of all, who the f**k names their dog Moospie? Secondly, we should rename Lady Dog-Whipped as Snoopsie because, clearly, she's using her dog to snoop on the neighors (you included).

Danielle said...

Oh, ya think? I never thought of that! Maybe she is a busy-body ... Hmmmmm. I'm never gonna look at Lady Dog-Whipped the same way again.

Julie45710 said...

You lead such and exciting life...I am glad I get to live vicariously through you and your town. Nothing ever happens my way, except for the occasional flood n my front and back yards.