Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The 79th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

Today I attended a training on communicable diseases. I learned many things. For instance, I found out I'm really good at washing my hands. The trainer told me that my hands were the cleanest in the class, which was odd to me considering I'm not a psycho-hand-washing freak like several in the training. But, yay for me anyway! I also learned that I've been right all along about the over use of sanitizer in our society. I've always figured the more germs I'm exposed to, the more immune I'll be. I was right!

I even won my very own germ protection kit, complete with a face mask and gloves. Who'da thunk that I'm good at matching communicable disease pictures with their correct name? Not me. Up until today's contest, I had never even heard of things like thrush or fifth disease. Apparently, I just rock at guessing.

I felt bad about winning the germ protection kit, though, because I will probably never use it. I don't believe in hand sanitizer and I certainly can't see myself wearing a face mask or gloves around town. I'm sure there was another person in the training that would have actually used it. But, hey, too bad, right? They aren't communicable disease rock stars like I am!

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Angie said...

you can bring it to work and share with all our germaphobic pals there! LOL...