Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Chauncelot-Style (APAD)

The 73rd picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

Aside from the Santa hat on the Gargoyles, I don't decorate the yard or the outside of the house for Christmas. Primarily, because I hate most of the Christmas decorations you can buy. Those blow-up decorations are just about the most awful thing I've seen. They're so ugly. If I was going to decorate with store-bought decorations, I would definitely go old school with just strings of light on a tree or something like that

So, just like with the Last Chaunce Cemetary, if I want to decorate I'm going to have to design and create everything myself. I already have an idea. I want to do a theme involving movies like Scrooged and Nightmare Before Christmas. Imagine Santa plus skeletons. Doesn't that sound awesome? It would feature the most unique Christmas decorations around! People would flock from far and wide to see the "Go Scrooge Yourself" yard sign that I've designed. I can just see the awesomeness of it! Mason thinks it would scare the neighbors and I'm sure someone would say we're sacrilegious, but then again, do I really care? Um no, I don't.

Personally I think this is a genius idea. The problem, however, is going to be getting the materials to do this. I mean, where am I going to find a skeleton wearing a Christmas hat. Yeah, probably no where. Most likely, I will have to buy Halloween stuff and then work Christmas into it. Looks like I will be scouring the Halloween clearance racks next year!

I'm excited already :)

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