Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Boogers (APAD)

The 78th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

I had a weird booger complex today. I kept feeling like there was a huge booger sticking out of my nose when I was talking to people. It was really strange and made my day most uncomfortable. But, it did get me thinking about boogers. Namely, what the hell is the scientific name for a booger? I have seriously never heard of a booger being referred to as anything other than a booger.

I decided to google it.

Here's what I found out from The New York Times: There is no scientific name for a booger! It really is a booger! Other interesting booger related news includes the term rhinotillexomania, which is a person who compulsively picks their nose. For all you health freaks out there, there's actually some freaky Austrian doctor who has made the claim that eating boogers actually boosts your immune system. A booger a day keeps the doctor away? And finally, those pesty eye boogers we all get are scientifically known as plica semilunaris.

Happy picking!

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