Monday, December 28, 2009

The 50/50 List (APAD)

The 98th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

50 things I think are AWESOME:

1. Sigourney Weaver, because her name is awesome.
2. The whistle of a tea kettle, because it's comforting and annoying at the same time.
3. The lady at the local mart, because she knows exactly what I want without me telling her.
4. Stu's song in The Hangover, because it's ingenious.
5. Quentin Tarantino, because I love every movie he's ever made.
6. Dangly earrings, because they're pretty and dangly.
7. Weekends, because I can do whatever I want!
8. My bed, because it's comfy.
9. Inglorious Basterds, because the bar scene is bad ass.
10. Dr. Drew, because I find him oddly attractive.
11. Same-sex marriage, because it should be legal.
12. Quarters and dimes, because they buy me pop.
13. Aloe plants, because they heal me.
14. Playing 'words with friends' on my iphone, because it makes my mind do work, son.
15. Gossiping with friends, because it's fun to gossip with friends. Duh.
16. My new Garmin, because I always get lost.
17. Michael Scott and Dwight Shrute from The Office, because they're Michael Scott and Dwight Shrute. And, if you've seen The Office you'd understand.
18. The Ped Egg, because it makes my nasty, smelly feet smooth. Still smelly, but smooth.
19. Snow days, because then I don't have to work!
20. Japanese game shows dubbed over in English, because they are hilarious!
21. Thrifting, because sometimes you find damn good stuff.
22. Hookah parties, because the Hookah rocks.
23. Reading, watching, and believing in Vampires, because they're freaky and cool.
24. Hunting ghosts, because I want to see one!
25. Old cemetaries, because they're beautiful in a strange way.
26. Mold, because it's interesting to look at.
27. Goosebumps, because they give me a weird but nice feeling.
28. Duct tape, because it always gets the job done.
29. Chinese food, because I can eat until I'm stuffed and yet still eat more.
30. Secrets, because everyone needs some.
31. Driving a standard, because they're fun even though I'm bad at managing the clutch and gas.
32. Hot, hot showers, because they feel sooooooooo good.
33. The neighbor boy that shovels my driveway, because he only charges me $2.
34. Composting, because it'd be cool not to have to pay for trash pick-up.
35. The movie, A Very Brady Christmas, because I cannot even begin to describe it's awesomeness.
36., because it has cheap mp3's that download right to my itunes.
37. My iphone, because I'm in ilove with it.
38. A clean car, because mine never is.
39. Sour candy, because it makes my mouth water and face scrunch up all funny like.
40. Heidi Fleiss, because her weird obsession with birds makes me feel sorry for her.
41. Guy Ritchie, because he makes really awesome movies.
42. Eastwick, Community, and Glee, because I am excited that there are some new shows actually worth watching.
43. Jersey Shore, because it is the dumbest and funniest reality show I have ever watched.
44. Tori Spelling, because I should be her best friend.
45. Louisiana, because it just seems like a cool state and I wanna live on the Bayou.
46. Lady Gaga, because I can't get Bad Romance outta my head and I'm not sure what to make of her.
47. The "Stuff You Missed in History Class" podcast, because I learn so much from them.
48. Art museums, because I could stay in one for hours and I secretly want to be one of the tour guides.
49. Fences, because they clearly define social boundaries.
50. Protestors, because I love protests and always want to join in on one.

50 things I think are NOT SO AWESOME:

1. Fruit flies, because they're pesky and annoying as hell.
2. Ants, because I freakin' hate them and don't understand their purpose in life.
3. The woman across the street, because she is constantly screaming at her kids.
4. The local video store, because they're mean and I hate them.
5. Parallel parking, because I'm terrible at it and avoid it at all costs.
6. Small towns, because everyone is in your business.
7. Gravel roads, because every road should be paved by now. Geesh.
8. Eyebrows, because they're a pain to wax.
9. Legs, because I hate shaving them.
10. Horn-rimmed glasses, because the people who wear them give me the willies.
11. Porcelain figurines, because they're just wrong.
12. Rush Limbaugh, because the guy is one of the biggest idiots alive.
13. The show, Nip/Tuck, because I am terribly disappointed with the latest season.
14. Tea, because it's like drinking dirty water.
15. Pepsi, because it's like drinking motor oil.
16. Blue mountain dew, because you don't even want to know what it does to my stomach.
17. Mittens, because they put your fingers out of commission and just aren't practical.
18. Any Lord of the Rings movies, because they're so damn long and boring.
19. Myspace, because it's so two years ago.
20. Email, because texting is faster.
21. Denise Richards, because I watched her reality show and came away thinking, "She's a real biatch."
22. Eye boogers, because they're gross and irritating.
23. Restless leg syndrome, because I think it was just something pharmaceutical companies came up with so we'd have to buy more medicine.
24. President Obama, because I am very disappointed in him right now.
25. Ellen Degeneres, because I'm mad that she's taking over on American Idol. I loved crazy ass Paula.
26. Incense, because it gives me a headache.
27. Anything mathematical, because, seriously, what's the point?
28. Sitting in a coffee shop, because I always feel like I should be talking about something intellectual and interesting.
29. Cosmo magazine, because there's too many ads in there and I'm sick of all the articles on pleasing your man in bed.
30. Cracks in pavement, because if you step on one you'll break your mother's back.
31. Tonya Harding, because she made us all feel sorry for Nancy Kerrigan. (Whatever happened to them anyway?)
32. Folding and/or hanging laundry, because it's such a drag.
33. Black licorice, because it makes me want to puke my balls off.
34. Diet Coke with vitamins in it, because I think it's a crock.
35. Creeping Charlie, because once that damn weed is in your yard it's never coming out.
36. Ticks, because one time a tick crawled up my nose.
37. Ear wax, because every year or so a huge ball of wax randomly falls out of my ear.
38. The frumpy, self-loathing cashier at Walmart, because the guy takes 5 hours to scan my groceries.
39. Paw paws, because they are nasty.
40. Teletubbies, because that baby sun is just too weird for me.
41. The Wiggles, because there's just something so wrong about grown men singing and dancing to children's songs.
42. Pencils, because I'd rather just white something out than erase it.
43. Cheap pens, because when it comes to pens its worth it to spend a few bucks more.
44. Open air stadiums, because watching sports in the comfort of a building is so much better.
45. Alec Baldwin, because I've just never liked him.
46. Nancy Grace, because (1) she's dramatic (2) she's full of herself (3) and she discusses the same thing over and over and over and over.
47. Soccer, because it's so not interesting.
48. The beeping of an alarm clock, because it means I have to get up and do something.
49. Public Service Announcements, because frankly I don't care.
50. Exercising, because I'd rather be napping ... or eating.


Vanessa Rogers said...

Cool list! Have you seen those convertible mitten/gloves? They are those hobbo gloves with mitten covers that you can take on an off. They are my favorite.

Tiffany said...

you're so rad. I'm doing this.