Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm Officially Unleashed! (APAD)

The 58th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

I can't believe I'm gonna say it, but my new favorite thing to watch is UFC. Tiffany has been trying to get me to watch it for years and I've never been interested. Now I'm totally obsessed with it!

So far my favorite fighters are: Dan Hardy, Georges St. Pierre, and Randy Couture.

I am even considering paying for Pay-Per-View fights and I'm a total cheapskate! WTH!!??


Tiffany said...

Well I hope you get UFC 106 this Saturday! Gonna be a good fight card. :)

Brian said...

You should get into Anderson Silva. Pretty much unstoppable.

Tiffany said...

mmhmmm.....Anderson Silva is the best.