Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Face of the Future (APAD)

The 45th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

So I found this website called Face of the Future. Lately, I have been obsessing over what I will look like as an old lady, so I googled "what will I look like as an old person" and found this website. It ended up having several different "faces" that you can morph yourself into and, of course, I had to try them out. Let me just say it was very disappointing and kind of disturbing. Here are some of my morphs ....

Supposedly, this is me as an old woman. To me, it just looks like someone did a bad job with the effect feature in Paint Shop Pro.

Me as a Chimpanzee/Ape. I can see the chimp resemblance, so I'm going to say this morph is actually pretty good.

OMG. Me as a baby. Freakin' scary as hell! I look like a psycho, killer baby. If this was my baby, I would ... Well, I'm not even gonna say what I would do.

Me as Art. Interesting ...

Me as a cartoon. I hate cartoons.

Me as a man. F-f-f-f-f-freaky! I totally look like my brother in this picture .... My art teacher in high school once told me that my brother and I look exactly alike, except that I have long hair. This picture confirms it.

In conclusion, I guess I never really accomplished what I set out to do which was to find out what I will look like as an old lady. *SIGH* I did learn, however, that this particular website does not do a good job at morphing into anything that looks remotely realistic. I think it should just stick to doing the art and cartoon morphs and stay away from doing morphs that supposedly transform you into actual groups of people. I mean, come on, the baby was just plain scary!!!


The Brittster said...

I can't believe you look just like Derek....I hope you don't become more manly looking as you get older. That is my fear - that I will be walking on the street and people will drive by and say "Is that a man or a woman?"

Tiffany said...

The baby picture reminds me of the picture of you the Brittany has on her facebook where you look like a creepy hell child.