Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cold Weather Lover (APAD)

The 54th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

It was a beautiful day today. Made even more beautiful since it's the middle of November and soon, very soon, these days will be long gone ...

Even though I love days like this, they also remind me why I prefer ice cold weather. You see, perfect days like today make people want to be outside. One, I don't really like people all that much, but, two, in my neighborhood you don't want people to be outside. In Chauncelot, it means that there are swarms of unsupervised children wreaking havoc upon the neighborhood; it means, Hotdog, my neighbor's weiner dog, escapes from the house and pees all over the plants in my garden; it means, several teenage girls dress up in their skankwear and roam the streets thinking they look hot; it means, I have to scan the road carefully for Albert to avoid hitting him with my car when driving home; it means, I have to watch cats have sex on my neighbor's porch; it means, that in Chauncelot all of the crazies come out from their self-imposed hibernation during cold weather.

And that is exactly why I love Winter.

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