Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Crazy (APAD)

The 67th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

Black Friday stare down.


This was my third Black Friday. It wasn't as fun as last Black Friday and I think it's because I actually wanted something in the ads this year. I really, really wanted to score a 32'' Emerson HDTV from Walmart for $248 (originally $348). I didn't get it.

I had it all planned out too: We would start our drive to Parkersburg, WV at 3:00am. We'd go first to Elder Beerman and leave there at 4:45am and head to Walmart for the official start of Black Friday sales at 5:00am. Well, everything went smoothly until we pulled into Walmart's parking lot. Hellacious! There was no place to park so Mason dropped me off at the door. There were so many people that you could barely walk, let alone navigate a cart I stole from some guy! It was absolute hell. They were all sold out of the TV's. Crap. Mason was still circling the lot for a parking spot when I called to tell him the bad news. I asked him to get on his iphone and see if they were still in stock online. Of course they weren't. Bummer. It literally took me 45 minutes to exit Walmart and I didn't even buy anything!

I was in a fairly foul mood after Walmart. Partially because I didn't get the TV and partially because it was pure insanity. I got over it pretty quickly, though. We went back to the mall and browsed and shopped and had a good time. Some of my Black Friday bargains include:

A 32'' Vizio HDTV $338 (originally $400)
A Columbia Jacket $40 (originally $150)
Some other kind of jacket $30 (originally $100)
Dress shirts 50% off
Hoodies $20 (originally $55)
Earrings 50% off
Wallet $15 (orginally $45)

I will definitely be going Black Friday shopping next year, but this time without the intent of scoring anything in the ads. For me, it's more fun just to see what I stumble across!

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