Sunday, November 29, 2009

All Wired Up! (APAD)

The 69th picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

Today has been an awesome day. First, Mason finally broke the code to get our modem to connect with our Netgear router. Now we don't have to steal our neighbor's wireless ... We have our own! Yay! I had to go on some super geek's website in order to get detailed instructions to break into the modem and reconfigure the settings. I am very thankful for super geeks!

Second, I also got the instant streaming disc from Netflix, so that I can stream movies from the internet to my TV. Since I have my own wireless I can actually connect to it now! It's the best thing Netflix has ever come up with. Basically, you can watch movies that are available as instant play on Netflix through your PS3 or Xbox 360 and onto your TV. If you have a PS3, they'll send you a disc in addition to your other DVD's, but if you have a 360, you don't even need the disc, you can download it through the 360. It's so much better than trying to watch movies on your computer. We have a PS3 and two Xbox's connected to the instant stream. It's awesome! The best part is that if you have the instant disc, you never have to send it back to Netflix. Once you update your queue on Netflix it automically updates the disc. YAY! Of course, new releases aren't available, but it's good for times when you've either watched all of your other DVD's or there's nothing on TV that you're interested in. Since the only decent video rental place in my area has closed down, I am very, very thankful for Netflix!

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