Monday, November 2, 2009

100 Meeeeee's (APAD)

The 43rd picture in "A Picture A Day" series.

1. I hate cartoons.
2. I am irritated at least 20 times every day.
3. I have concluded that positive thinking is overrated.
4. I am in the shower everyday by exactly 6:02am.
5. My carpet has ga-billions of stains on it.
6. I prefer to be anti-social.
7. I regret not continuing on with my education after getting my Masters.
8. I bought the song "Tardy for the Party."
9. I miss my family ... alot.
10. Sometimes I wish bad things on people.
11. I believe in ghosts.
12. I've never seen a ghost.
13. My feet smell.
14. Scented candles give me a headache.
15. I don't get why humans drink the breast milk of another animal.
16. I like to drink Orange Juice after brushing my teeth.
17. I wish I was a computer geek.
18. Change scares me.
19. I don't get all the butt touching and butt slaps in male sports.
20. I love to swear.
21. I used to pass out in tanning booths.
22. Most people don't really know me.
23. I like making "To Do" lists.
24. I love Woody Allen even though he's a scumbag.
25. I think Aunt Jodi is an even bigger loser than either Jon or Kate Gosselin.
26. Other people's children bother me.
27. I am watching CNN.
28. I have full conversations through texting.
29. Anything Disney frightens me.
30. The movie Awake was dumb.
31. I like vaseline.
32. My left butt cheek hurts right now.
33. My blood blister mysteriously fell off my thumb yesterday.
34. I have African masks hanging in my bathroom.
35. I believe I have lower standards than most people when it comes to housekeeping.
36. I like my eyes.
37. I have man hands.
38. I think rich people should be generous.
39. If I was rich, I don't think I would be generous.
40. Most of the time, I don't say what I really think.
41. I got this blog idea from The Erin O'Brien Owner's Manual for Human Beings.
42. I cyber-stalk certain people.
43. I make up fake status updates and post them on Facebook and Twitter.
44. Cell phones are both a godsend and a curse.
45. I found a rotting summer squash in my fridge this morning.
46. I litter.
47. I don't want to take my dogs for a walk tonight, but I'm going to.
48. My dogs have pink collars and camouflage leashes.
49. Most of my socks have holes in them.
50. There are too many meetings in this world.
51. I have bad posture.
52. I brush my hair and that's about all I do with it.
53. I only wear mascara these days.
54. I care, but yet I don't.
55. I think I'm mildly dyslexic.
56. I'm really not lazy.
57. This has only taken me about 10 minutes.
58. I'm craving donuts.
59. I think the full moon has crazy effects on people.
60. I'm pretty sure this guy I see at the post office everyday is a murderer.
61. I love checking the mail.
62. I wish I had a pop right now.
63. My sister is cool.
64. So is my brother.
65. I accidentally left a candle burning all night last night.
66. I am very superstitious.
67. I obsess over making dinner.
68. I hate Sunday nights.
69. I make my own laundry detergent.
70. I like mayhem and chaos.
71. I know what people have said about me, but they don't know that I know.
72. I worry.
73. Mason thinks I shouldn't have put on here that my feet smell.
74. But they do.
75. I shop at the Goodwill.
76. I have tons of clocks in my house, but none of the times match the others no matter how hard I try.
77. How are rabbits and chocolate related to Easter again?
78. I think I'm a pretty good writer.
79. I hate when people say "va-jj."
80. Sometimes I think my phone is tapped.
81. I'm eating ice cream cake.
82. I can't wait to go shopping on Black Friday.
83. I believe in conspiracy theories.
84. I still think the swine flu is over-hyped.
85. It amazes me how dumb smart people can be.
86. I have to roast coffee tonight.
87. Our bookshelves are made from old bunk bed frames.
88. I will never be able to blog about certain things.
89. Don't do it!
90. Do it!
91. I like saying the phrases "Mother of God" or "Mother-effer."
92. I love Kathy Griffin.
93. Please.
94. Thank you.
95. Where did the saying "to hell in a handbasket" come from?
96. I write Haikus.
97. I used to work in an even crazier version of The Office.
98. I think we live in Heaven and Hell.
99. The word "infinity" freaks me out and makes me crazy if I think about it for too long.
100. There is more to me than my blog, my Facebook page, or my Twitter updates.


The Brittster said...

This was awesome! I connect with you on so many levels!

Erin O'Brien said...

Love it.

Thanks for the shout!

Tiffany said...

I'm so doing this!!